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concrete block

Concrete block manufacturing and supply.

Being sustainable and environmentally responsible.

The Salt Depot takes pride in manufacturing and suppling concrete blocks made of recycled concrete materials. These versatile blocks are designed for multiple purposes, including constructing substantial retaining walls, creating sturdy barriers, or establishing enclosed spaces for storing equipment and supplies.

key features

  • Stackable for easy assembly and customization

  • Offered in three different sizes to suit various project requirements

  • Convenient delivery options directly to your site, with the option for professional installation if needed

three sizes avilable

  • 3’ L x 3’ W x 2’H (1200kg)

  • 6’ L x 3’ W x 2’H (2300kg)

  • 9’ L x 3’ W x 2’H (3300kg)

For more information and pricing, please contact 905.479.1177 / 416.399.2006 and speak with sales in customer care.

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