Landscapers Choice with CMA

Landscapers Choice with CMA

22.7kg Ice Salt | 49 bags per pallet


Anti-Corrosion Formula:  Specially formulated with CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate), an efficient corrosion inhibitor, makes Landscaper’s Choice® one of the least corrosive ice melters on the market.


Fast Acting: Landscaper’s Choice® combines the most effective de-icing ingredients creating the desired reaction to initiate the de-icing and meltdown. Landscaper’s Choice® when pre-applied prevents ice and snow from bonding to the surface area. As Landscaper’s Choice® goes to work, its time-released formula stays on the surface area longer, helping to reduce the freeze/thaw cycle.


Non-Tracking Formula: Landscaper’s Choice® won’t leave an oily residue, which can be damaging to carpets, floors, leather or various types of footwear.


Reliable Ice Melter: Landscaper’s Choice® goes after the ice and snow; clearing the way to safety. This specially formulated product is enhanced for traction control.


Easily Dispersed & Extended Shelf Life: Landscaper’s Choice® is specially formulated with an anti-caking agent to allow free-flowing dispersion.


Visually Measured: Not only will you see the quick action of Landscaper’s Choice®, specially coated with a green color indicator, going to work on the ice and snow, this product will allow precise spreading to ensure cost-effective dispersion.


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