Thawrox - Treated Bulk Salt

Thawrox - Treated Bulk Salt

Using Thawrox means lower labor and equipment maintenance costs — so  deicing dollars go further than ever before. Quicker, longer and more effective performance using less salt.


  • Reduces bounce and scatter – 95% stays in the targeted application area
  • Good adhesion to roadway with continuing residual effects
  • Reduces fuel and labor costs
  • Works in cold temperatures (5˚F / -15˚C)
  • Less wind-borne loss of finer salt
  • The Salt Depot is your reliable one-stop source for all your material and service needs. Through the harshest Canadian winters, we help you stay on top of your commitments, with prompt and efficient deliveries, loader and haulage and supply and spread services you can depend on.

    When it's in the minus double digits outside, trust The Salt Depot to keep you on the plus side!

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