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The Salt Depot: Your reliable bulk road salt supplier serving Southern Ontario.
Markham, Mississauga, Toronto, Woodbridge, Newmarket, Pickering and Burlington.

As a trusted supplier of road salt material, The Salt Depot has been serving Southern Ontario for many years. Our commitment to our clients is to provide them with the most reliable, consistent, and effective products on the market. We are dedicated to ensuring your safety on the roads, and we understand the importance of delivering your salt on time, every time. When it comes to road salt, The Salt Depot is the go-to source for all your needs.


Winter being the bedrock of our company, we strive to ensure our customers have the right de-icing products and services that will assist in maintaining clean and safe properties within our communities. Our team continues to explore new and emerging technologies to further enhance road salt management practices. Through research and trial, we proudly offer green alternatives that have proven results for many of our customers.

With multiple Salt Depot locations across Ontario supplying bulk road salt, bagged rock salt, liquid de-icers and prepackaged ice melters, The Salt Depot winter division also includes a wide range of added-value services including Supply & Spread, Loader, Haulage and Trailer Deliveries.


Within our company, The Salt Depot goes beyond simply offering bulk rock salt. We have four specialized divisions committed to delivering convenience and support for the year-round upkeep of clean and secure properties.



Discover our comprehensive range of deicing solutions designed to keep your property safe and ice-free during the winter months. Explore our extensive product selection and expert services to ensure a hassle-free winter season.

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