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Bulk rock salt, sand & salt mix, treated blue salt, liquid de-icier and more!

The Salt Depot is your go-to supplier for all your winter road & property maintenance needs. Our bulk de-icing products are designed to prevent ice and snow build-up, making roads and properties safe for everyone. Our selection of products are perfect for contractors and municipalities with various needs and requirements. Trust us to provide reliable and effective bulk road salt products for your community this winter.


Rock salt is often preferred over other de-icing products for its cost-effectiveness, ease of availability, and relatively low impact on road infrastructure, making it a practical choice for winter road maintenance in many regions.

  • Effective Ice Melting (works up to -8C) : Rock salt (sodium chloride) is effective at lowering the freezing point of water. When spread on icy roads, it causes the ice to melt and prevents further ice formation, making the road safer for travel.

  • Cost-Effective: Rock salt is relatively inexpensive compared to other deicing agents, making it a cost-effective choice for government agencies and municipalities responsible for winter road maintenance.

  • Easily Accessible: Rock salt is widely available and easy to source, making it a convenient option for road maintenance, especially in regions where ice and snow are common during the winter months.

  • Easy to Apply: Rock salt is typically available in granular form, making it easy to spread evenly on road surfaces using standard equipment like salt spreaders.

  • Reliable: Rock salt has been used for decades as a de-icing agent and has a proven track record of effectively improving road safety during winter weather conditions.


Sand and salt mixture is often used for de-icing roads instead of straight rock salt for several reasons:

  • Traction Improvement: Sand provides immediate traction on icy surfaces, reducing the risk of accidents by preventing slips and skids, which rock salt alone may not address as effectively.

  • Extended Effectiveness: While rock salt melts ice, it can lose its effectiveness at extremely low temperatures. Mixing sand with salt allows the salt to work at a lower temperature range while still providing traction.

  • Environmental Considerations: The addition of sand reduces the amount of salt required, which can help mitigate environmental concerns, such as water and soil contamination associated with excessive salt use.

  • Cost-Efficiency: Sand is often less expensive than salt, so using a mixture allows for cost savings while maintaining effective winter road maintenance.

  • Reduces Corrosion: Sand can help reduce the corrosive effects of salt on road surfaces and vehicles by providing a protective barrier.

TREATED SALT (blue salt)

Treated rock salt deicing products are generally considered better than untreated rock salt for several reasons:

  • Enhanced Ice Melting: Treated rock salt often contains additives or coatings that improve its ice-melting performance. These additives can lower the freezing point of water even further, allowing the salt to work effectively at lower temperatures.

  • Longer Lasting: Treated rock salt can adhere better to road surfaces, providing longer-lasting deicing effects. This means fewer repeat applications are needed, which can be more cost-effective and reduce environmental impacts.

  • Reduced Bouncing and Scattering: Additives in treated rock salt can reduce bouncing and scattering when it's spread on icy roads. This ensures that more of the de-icing product stays on the road where it's needed, rather than being wasted.

  • Corrosion Mitigation: Some treated rock salt products are designed to be less corrosive to road infrastructure and vehicles, which helps extend the lifespan of both.

  • Improved Handling: Treated rock salt can be easier to handle, as it may have reduced dustiness and clumping compared to untreated salt.

  • Environmental Considerations: Some treated rock salt formulations are designed to be more environmentally friendly, with reduced environmental impacts like lower chloride runoff into water sources.

LIQUID anti-icing & dE-ICing

Liquid de-icing products are sometimes preferred over rock salt for deicing roads and surfaces for several reasons:

  • Faster Action: Liquid de-icers begin working immediately upon contact with ice or snow, providing rapid ice melting and improved road safety.

  • Lower Freezing Point: Some liquid de-icing products can effectively lower the freezing point of water to temperatures well below what rock salt can achieve, making them suitable for extremely cold conditions.

  • Precise Application: Liquid de-icers can be applied more precisely using specialized equipment, reducing waste and ensuring even coverage.

  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Liquid de-icers can be formulated to have a lower environmental impact compared to rock salt, with reduced chloride runoff into water sources and less damage to vegetation.

  • Less Material Required: Liquid de-icers can be more efficient than rock salt, requiring less material to achieve the same de-icing effect. This can lead to cost savings.

  • Continuous Action: Liquid de-icers can continue to work even in subfreezing temperatures, while rock salt's effectiveness can diminish as temperatures drop.

  • Pre-Treatment: Liquid de-icers can be applied as a pre-treatment before a winter weather event, creating a barrier that makes it more difficult for ice to bond to the road surface.


For more products and pricing, please contact 905.479.1177 / 416.399.2006 and speak with sales in customer care.

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