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Essential road and property washing: Ensuring safety & environmental health for our well-being.

Washing roads is essential for various reasons, including improving road safety through enhanced traction and reduced accident risks. It plays a vital role in environmental preservation by preventing pollutants from contaminating water bodies, and it also helps control dust, making the air cleaner and healthier for communities. Additionally, clean roads contribute to the overall aesthetics of an area, creating a more pleasant and sustainable environment.

  • High-pressure water trucks are designed with low profile flushers and high-level cannon sprayers capable of spraying over 250 feet away.

  • Stainless steel water tanks can store and deliver 13,500 liters of freshwater.

  • GPS tracker and radio dispatch for quick response.

  • Helps eliminate dust, dirt, sand, salt, stone and debris from targeted areas

  • Provides freshwater for all landscaping needs dust management

  • Prevention of environmental hazards

  • Keeps roads, properties and air clean

  • Work safety and inspection approval 

Effective for:
  • Construction and development job sites

  • Watering large areas of grass

  • Municipal & residential roads

  • Commercial and private parking lots

  • Filling pools  

For more information and pricing, please contact 905.479.1177 / 416.399.2006 and speak with sales in customer care.

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