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Devoted to ensuring properties & roads remain dirt, debris, and dust-Free.
Serving all areas in Southern Ontario. 

At The Salt Depot, we understand that keeping roads clean and well-maintained is crucial for safety and functionality, especially in construction sites and municipal areas. Road cleaning services are important for making roads safe, protecting the environment, preserving infrastructure, and improving the quality of life in communities. These services play a vital role in ensuring that roads remain usable, look good, and are safe for everyone. We are committed to excellence and are your trusted partner for road maintenance and cleanliness.

Our road cleaning services include:


Road Sweeping & Vacuum Services

Our specialized sweepers efficiently remove debris, dust, leaves, and other dirt from roads and properties, leaving them clean and safe for travelers. Whether it's a construction site or municipal roads, commercial or private parking lots, we have the expertise and equipment to keep road surfaces clean.

Water Truck Services

Water is essential for effective road cleaning. Our water trucks control dust, clean surfaces, and remove debris. Whether you're managing a construction site or municipal roads, our trained team is ready to help minimize the impact of environmental elements.

For more products and pricing, please contact 905.479.1177 / 416.399.2006 and speak with sales in customer care.

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