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Environmentally-focused services: ensuring clean and safe roads and properties.

The Salt Depot offers spring and summer road and property sweeping services to contractors, property managers, and facility owners that aid in eliminating leftover sand and other debris from winter operations and concentrates from development projects that require maintenance. Street sweeping not only makes the streets cleaner but is also an important part of stormwater pollution prevention. It prevents unwanted materials from flowing into the storm drains, polluting our water sources, and causing backups and flooding. Additionally, it keeps job sites clean and safe while helping to minimize tire damage.

  • Dustless filtered air systems

  • Vacuum sweepers equipped with rotating mechanical side brooms and water sprayer

  • GPS tracker and radio dispatch for quick response

  • Able to sweep in wet or dry conditions

  • Controls dirt and suctions unwanted garbage

  • Maintains roads and keeps properties clean

  • Keeps environment unpolluted

  • Work safety and inspection approval

Effective for:
  • Construction and development job sites

  • Municipal& residential roads

  • Commercial and private parking lots

  • Special Events: pre & post clean up

For more information and pricing, please contact 905.479.1177 / 416.399.2006 and speak with sales in customer care.

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